Thursday, October 05, 2006

Holiday = no brain stimulation = me got no words

Wow, I have stared at the screen for 5 minutes and nothing has entered my mind that is even REMOTELY worth writing down.... I hate being sick...

so...just some random babbling ok? ok:

Victoria was amazing, I will post photos tonight probably. Didnt really do much, got a hotel, went to 'YE OLDE SPAGHETTI FACTORY', had a few pints at Cactus Club, and wandered around aimlessly. While eating dinner (i have to mention this), there was a party of ....50 or so people that came in and sat right beside us...all German Speaking.... Grit's eyes lit up like a cat biting through an extension cord! She didnt talk to them, she only listened. At the time, I thought she should say at least something, but now that I think of it....they were just there eating....just like us... I would find it rude if someone jumped in while we were eating.. (*cough* just like taking photos of people in the restaurants on the cruise ships *cough*) =)

Didnt go to Buchart Gardens. Too expensive. I know I know...I regret it, but hey...40 bucks for us to walk around flowers....yes its beautiful I know, but I can think of at least 5 or 10 places around White Rock that is just as beautiful.....and free!

Last night we rented X-Men 3 and The Lake House. HUGE contrast lol! my mom and Grit wanted the Lake House for its romance, and X-Men 3 just so i can pause it and show them where I am in the movie (yes I am in the movie..check out my blog entry from Decemebr 19th, 2005). I personally didnt care, I just wanted to chillax (love that word). Its the small things in life that I love.... like watching movies with Grit with the subtitles on so she can 'learn' while she watches... in my opinion she understands the movies perfectly, but I can just imagine her checking how words are SPELLED while she watches......foreign women rock haha. Next holiday is in Germany, I'll be doing the same....but with a more spaced out look I imagine.

Today we crossed the border to the states and did some shopping with my mom. Only a few hours, but Grit's passport does now officially proove that she has BEEN to the USA.

Photos for Sale:
I have quite a few people from the US checking out my blog regularily (hi! welcome!). I just wanted to mention a shameless plug for myself to those of you that might not know, and refresh the minds of those who do: if you like any of my photos that you see on you may purchase them from myself anytime you want (although it is easier to get a hold of me while I am on holidays, I also sell them when I work on the ships, but I have to wait until turnaround days to send them via snailmail). If you would like to support my work in any way, or have questions about my photos, please email me.

Coming to Calgary:
I am coming to visit Calgary for REAL this time!! Oct 15th or 16th I will be flying out and staying for 2 weeks or so. Anyone wanting to chill/have coffee/ throw something at me/ wander around late at night jumping from building to building/ roadtrips/ all of the above please let me know via email.

thats it methinks...

time for tea. Ciao!


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